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Nothing beats a day at the spa, but you can create the next best thing in your home between spa visits. Shoo everyone out of the house and enhance your solitude with a long, warm soak in the tub or make a date with a few of your best friends and trade treatments. Take an entire day to pamper yourself or squeeze in a half hour of sweet respite while the baby is napping. No matter how you do it, all you need to make it work is a clear calendar, a few bath and body products, and your imagination. Here are some ideas for rejuvenating your body and spirit.

Ambiance – Setting the Stage
The moment you walk into a spa . . . click for more

Body Treatments – Get Glowing
Body treatments incorporate salt and sugar scrubs or polishes and masks . . . click for more

Facials – Do an About Face
Among the most popular of spa treatments, facials are easy to do at home . . . click for more

Hair & Scalp Treatments – Your Crowning Glory
Revitalize and indulge your hair with home treatment solutions . . . click for more

Hydrotherapy – The Healing Power of Water
Enjoy the healing power of water to enhance your mood, soothe your skin . . . click for more

Manicures & Pedicures – Fingertips to Toes
Regular manicures and pedicures keep your hands and feet soft and fresh . . . click for more

Massage – The Ultimate Indulgence
If a luxury once experienced becomes a necessity . . . click for more

Aromatherapy – The Possibilities are Endless
We have touched on aromatherapy in home spa treatments throughout this article . . . click for more